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Day 5 (and last) B/W challenge

On Sunday, I finished the B/W challenge on Facebook and had intended to write a post here, as I had done each day of that challenge.  The problem was that I found myself choosing an unexpected image and wasn’t sure what sort of post I could make about it.

Although I created this image, like the others, on my May trip, it was a more isolated image.  Just one of those you create because you see something cool you want to document.  In fact, I made it back in my campground, right after a nap.  The wind was all whipped up and as I climbed out of the back of my truck, I saw this “S” form right in front of me, I grabbed the camera and made the exposure.  So, while I might relay this information in a post, it was hardly all that post worthy–not that all of my entries here are!  But the point is that all of my original choices would have been more robust fodder for a blog post.

As I contemplated those other options, I just couldn’t get this one out of my head.  In fact, I had chosen my next image and written (or at least started) my blog post a day in advance.  On Saturday, I just couldn’t commit to this image, it didn’t fit.  Sunday, I had to post for the challenge and gave in but had no idea what to post on my blog, other than the image.  I joked on Facebook that the “S” was for “Sayonara” to the challenge.

Even that might have been a bit prophetic, as was the ephemeral nature of the image.  On Monday, I learned that one of my closest friends had passed away unexpectedly.  We met shortly after I moved to Portland in 1986 and shared a lot of common interests. not the least of which was our passion for photography.  He was one of the truly wonderful people who has ever walked this earth.  His passing has hit me harder than I could have expected, I have been a bit numb.

John loved to travel and was just finishing up a trip to South Africa when he collapsed.  The image below immediately came to mind as I thought about him and I post it here in tribute.

So, I say “Sayonara” my friend and may your travels be in peace!