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For the past three years, I have returned to the site of the lotus plants several times, between spring and fall.  Other than a few plants here and there, there has been no return of what I saw and experienced back in the fall of 2011.  Speaking to the park’s naturalist, apparently what we came upon that day had never happened there before–at least not in the memory of those now working there.

This made me think about how easy it is to often think that we can “go back later”.  We can get so focused on what might be ahead that we pass up what is right before us.  Just makes you think….doesn’t it?

The series “Lotus” can be found here: http://johnacurso.com/Lotus/Lotus.html#1

(I have been away from blogging for a while but expect to return here as well as start my new blog.  I will announce the new one here when it gets going.  The current blog, here, will continue to be more about my personal experiences while the new one will take on a more educational role with regards to the field of photography.  It wont be about equipment, tricks and such but more about exposure to photographers, ideas and foundational concepts.)