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West Virginia Diorama

Summer vacation plans were made to visit family back in DC but instead of flying we decided to use half of the time we had allotted to wander the backroads on the way there.

While driving through West Virginia, a detour was taken to search for the cranberry bogs.  A visitor center was found with some trails which we assumed would lead to the bogs.  Instead, these trails were apparently designed to just take one through the forest that surrounded the area.

Walking along, I came upon the scene above.  Maybe it was the way the trees were positioned and the foreground/background atmospheric change, but there was something different about this scene.   There was a quality to it that somehow reminded me of the dioramas I had seen in natural history museums in earlier years and was looking forward to seeing again when in DC.  The same quiet, contemplative mood I remembered existed here and the only thing missing was a few taxidermied animals or maybe some prehistoric people and their village.  Even the way the trail widened suggested a window display had been set for our education and enjoyment.

But when I did visit the Natural History Museum in DC, those expected quiet and contemplative dioramas had given way to what seemed a more frenetic, interactive type of exhibit.  I thought back to this place and was glad to have had the opportunity to experience it.

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