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Abandoned Store In Marfa, TXFor several years now, I have been interested in examining the ordinary places around our country and have recently added a section on my website to highlight some of what I have found.

One town I discovered here in Texas, Marfa, has become a favorite detour when I am in the area.  It is home to Donald Judd’s Chinati Foundation and it seems like most of the town was owned or still is by Judd or the foundation.  Although the town shrunk dramatically after the army base closed in 1945, it is still a quiet town but also has become quite popular with its relatively moderate climate and artistic community.  I always try to find time to stop and just walk around to see what I might discover.

The image above was made while just roaming the streets there.  I had just walked by this closed store and when I turned to look back saw this odd juxtaposition of the post and the stark white building, as if it were a pointer or balance to this abandoned structure.  It was one of those easy photographs to make.

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