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One of the great joys of traveling around is coming across little oddities, misfires and, well,  just crazy stuff.  These come in all forms from roadside attractions to strangely placed or designed structures to just ordinary things that leave you scratching your head.

Anyway, this summer while wandering back to DC, we (well, let’s just say someone did) decided we needed to go visit Natural Bridges Resort State Park in Kentucky.  My apologies to the states, but rarely is a State Park, centered around some natural feature, much to see really.  Let’s face it, if it was it would be a National Park, Monument, Historic Site or Scenic Area or something like that.  In fact, just to emphasize just how impressive this “natural bridge” is, the website for the park doesn’t even feature a photo of it on its main page.  (I think the tell tale indication is that word “Resort”  stuck into the title of the place)

When we got there, finally, and started towards the “Skylift” to go see the bridge, we couldn’t help but notice the speed limit sign.  Immediately, my days in corporate America flashed into my mind and those “committees” that are created to “solve” a problem. (sorry, I am in a quotation mark mode today!)  I could just feel the tension in that room where on one side the 20 mph folks and on the other the 25 mph folks sat glaring at each other and debating just how quick their kids actually were or weren’t.  Fortunately, it would seem, the 15 mph folks were off helping those other states.  Facing a deadlock that might keep them from their fried bologna sandwich luncheon (a story for later), they made the proverbial compromise and then, like all good math students, rounded up to the nearest whole number.  Now, I am sure there was a little debate as to whether the rounding should go up or down, but in the end, convention prevailed.

Without one of those digital readout speedometers, I am not sure that anyone could really know that they were doing 23 mph, however, I settled in between 20-25 and figured that was good enough–there weren’t any cops hiding behind trees to ticket those of us that did slip up to 25 now and then, so all was good.  Besides, why do they need speeding ticket revenue when they have the Skylift waiting for you at the end of the road?


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