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Motel Office where I met Darrell

Motel Office where I met Darrell

Today, I am about 5 days from finishing this trip.  In some ways, I feel right now like the trip was pretty much over when I got to Portland.  Although there is still much to see, these last days have been fairly sparse for meeting people, like the area through Western Montana.  Of course, weekends have been a little slim in that regard anyway, but there is also a great deal of space between out here in the far west.  It seems you drive for miles and miles without seeing any sign of a human being, except those in their cars rushing here and there.  As I traveled through Nevada and Utah, there were few alternatives to the 75 mph roads except desolate and poorly maintained dirt roads–which are great for a little while.

But, there are always things to do and to see.  Yesterday, I was a bit ahead for my days driving–due to “no” alternatives to the 75mph highway–and was poking around a smal town in Utah.  There I met Arv.  Arv was coming through town in his 60’s Chevy and saw me photographing the old theater.  He told me that I ought to be photographing his car instead.  He got out and I did so and then he asked if I would be in town for awhile, maybe 20 minutes.  I paused and he said he was going to go get his 50 and come back.  I assumed he meant a car and told him sure, I would wait.  Just when I had about given up, he rolls into town in his beautiful 1950 GMC pick up.  We spent a couple of hours photographing it and then back at his house having a beer on his back patio.

I did stay in a nice Motel in Green River Utah last night.  The room was only $32, but might have been one of the cleanest and nicest yet.  I have always stayed down in one of the cookie cutters at the end of town, never really noticing the old ones here.  There were several to choose from, but the Sleepy Hollow Motel seemed right.  It was very quiet, right next to the coffee/espresso shop and only a block or so from Ray’s tavern(Great burgers and steaks and good Micro-brews!)–so, in addition to being a great room, it had a great location!

Today, although I met Darrell, I got no photograph.  Darrell had just come home recently from Colorado and he lived in what appeared to be a ghost town along old Highway 6.  Looking at him, he could have been a vacationer in Moab, but he was on his way to his job in Crescent Junction, on foot, as his truck had broke down.  Darrell, at 26, said he totally controlled all photographs of himself and knew how many existed and where they were.  So, no photos of him– or of anyone else today.

Darrell did tell me of some great canyons to visit, and with being much ahead of schedule (well, not counting being two behind overall) I headed up to see the sights.  Then, it was on to Colorado and taking some obscure dirt roads for much of the rest of the day.

Tomorrow, my route has been designed to travel a lot of dirt roads.  These are some that cut through the western Rockies and, with the great weather, are very passable and used frequently by rafters and others to travel the Colorado River.  Because I am so far ahead right now, I do wonder where the day will end.  Originally, it was planned for a small town, in an old west hotel, but we will see!

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