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Winona, MN  September 10, 2009

Sorry for another short post, but still issues with truck–hopefully resolved here last night by local garage.  When I came into town, I checked my left rear wheel and the hub was blistering hot–literally, I could show you!  I took it to the local garage and the brakes were grabbing every half turn or so.  They backed off both adjusters and adjusted the brakes the old fashioned (and I believe the right) way–by feel.  He balanced the front and back adjusters until they were as tight as they could be but not gripping the wheel.  The hub cooled immediately.   I am now thinking of writing a book called  “Zen and the Art of Land Rover Maintenance”!

So tomorrow I will push on up towards Minneapolis and beyond.  By moving forward a bit the last two days in my loaner, I find myself only 3-1/2 days behind instead of the 5 I anticipated.  I have only cut off one small part of the trip that I had originally not planned to do but added right before I left.

Mega Cow with mold yard off to right

Mega Cow with mold yard off to right

One find yesterday was the F.A.S.T. Company in Sparta(?), Wi.  They apparently make any kind of model out of fiberglass–large and small.  From the road I saw a grouping of turkeys, lions and such, but a huge Cow, 12-15 feet high or so, really caught my eye.  When I got out to photograph that, I saw the whole field of old molds that was indistinguishable from the highway.  Giant ice cream cones, giant Mice, a devil, several Gibson Les Pauls, Buffalo, sharks, you name it!  It was quite an assortment of pretty cool objects.

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