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Short post today.  I picked up the truck as there seemed to be only a minor issue with the brakes that could be taken care of when I got to Portland.  They adjusted the brakes and I was on my way.  About 2 miles down the freeway, I tested them and NO BRAKES, none, nada, pedal to the metal!  Fortunately, I was able to pump them back up and limp back to the dealer.  I escaped a disaster.

They are replacing the one part that could wait until I got to Portland tomorrow, but I believe the real issue is just a mechanical one with setting the brake adjustment getting a proper grip, that I told them how to deal with–but apparently didn’t.  Today, I will be much more firm about it!  I am trying to remain positive about all this, but my experience here in Madison has not been a good one.

But, on a positive note, I did take the Volvo loaner up the road and got in most of where I should have been by end of day yesterday, still behind, but at least moving.  After I pick up my truck, I will take the Interstate back to where I am tonight and continue on (assuming I have brakes!)  There are still some opportunities to pick up a day or two before I even get to Portland and yet not have to skip any intended areas.

Hopefully, a better recap tomorrow–today, I am just too distracted-but I did get some great people today!

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