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Omaha, Nebraska — 9/3/09 — Well, there’s not too much to report for today as it ended up raining pretty hard until mid afternoon. Of course, I was still waiting to hear the verdict on my rear axle, which actually turned out to be almost the best possible outcome. Apparently, it was only a couple of seals and they will be here tomorrow morning.  I should be back on the road by early afternoon. Even the cost to fix it was a pleasant surprise, much less than I would have expected in other places.  In any case, since the rain was so bad today, I probably would have not moved on anyway, so maybe it all worked out for the best.   And I ended up getting some extra rest and was able to catch up on some paper work.

I just hate roughing it like this!

I just hate roughing it like this!

One thing I forgot to mention yesterday was my new, bestest buddy, Lauren, the concierge at the dealership. She was kind enough to give me a ride to my motel and on the way told me that she could probably get me a car while I was waiting for mine. I had already been told by the service rep that no cars were available and that even the rental agency they work with was out of cars. I was expecting to be pretty much stuck at the motel until my car was ready.  So, to my surprise, about an hour after she dropped me off, Lauren called and said she would be over in a few minutes with my loaner. She showed up in a shiny, new, black BMW 328i (this should put a smile on my friends at GSD&M) with all-wheel drive and electronic shifter. Of course, I couldn’t figure out how to use the “key” to start the engine, but Lauren and the gentleman that came with her guided me through the process.  I am a quick learner!

When things cleared up a bit this afternoon, I did head down to the Old Market District Lauren had told me about.  I wandered through a few galleries, talking to some very nice people, and then drove through downtown and a beautiful residential area.  Tomorrow, I will head back to these places in the morning– it is supposed to be clear and sunny– and spend some time photographing.  Then it is back on the road!

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